DEA session-ROADEF 2012, Angers, France, on April 11-13, 2012

ROADEF 2012 is the 13th congress of the French National Society of Operations Research and Decision Science, which will be organized by the Institute of Applied Mathematics at the Catholic University of the West in the heart of Angers.

ROADEF 2012 will be held in Angers, France, on April 11-13, 2012. For more information about the dates and sessions please see the following web site:

During the conference, “Data Envelopment Analysis” session will be held. All the researchers working on the field are invited to participate in the session and present their papers. Please submit the title and abstracts based on the instructions in the following web site:

Best Regards,
Dr. A. Davoodi
Organizer of DEA session

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