Download Selected publications of Professor Ali Emrouznejad:

Mahmoudi, R, S. N. Shetab-Boushehri, S. R. Hejazi, A. Emrouznejad, P. Rajabi (2019) A hybrid egalitarian bargaining game-DEA and sustainable network design approach for evaluating, selecting and scheduling urban road construction projects, Transportation Research Part E, Accepted. (doi)
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Mahmoudi R., A. Emrouznejad and M. Rasti-Barzoki (2019) A Bargaining Game model for performance assessment in network DEA considering sub-networks: A real case study in Banking, Neural Computing and Applications,  Accepted (doi)
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Emrouznejad A., G. L. Yang and G. R. Amin (2019) A novel inverse DEA model with application to allocate the CO2 emissions quota to different regions in Chinese manufacturing industries,  Journal of the Operational Research Society, Accepted (doi)
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