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General introduction to DEA

DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) is the optimization method of mathematical programming to generalize the Farrell(1957) single-input/ single-output technical efficiency measure to the multiple-input/ multiple-output case by constructing a relative efficiency score as the ratio of a single virtual output to a single virtual input. Thus DEA become a new tool in operational research for measuring …

History of DEA from its developer William W Cooper

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The first version of this page was implemented in 1995. Due to the public interest the page is continuously being updated since then. I hope the information that you find here will prove useful. If using this page please cite it as: Emrouznejad, A (1995-2011 ) “Data Envelopment Analysis Homepage“, www.DEAzone.com, last viewed yyyy/mm/dd.

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This Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA) page has been created in honor of Abraham Charnes, William. W. Cooper, E. Rhodes and Rajiv D. Bankerwho originally developed DEA.

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If you feel that there are any errors in the pages or that I am missing anything, then please let me know [email: ali@deazone.com]. Please send ma anything that are useful to be added in this page. Note that everyone can add to bibliography in this page or upload the papers. Please make sure about …


I owe a debt to many of my colleagues and friends for their helpful comments and suggestions during the development of this and the previous version. Among these special thanks go to Warwick DEA people for their generous help. I also warmly thank the many visitors who have forwarded suggestions to me based on their …

William W CooperTributes by Ali Emrouznejad and Rajiv Banker