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What is COOPER-framework?

Figure 1. COOPER-framework: a unified standard process

Figure 1. COOPER-framework: a unified standard process

In large and complicated datasets, a standard process could facilitate performance assessment and help to (1) translate the aim of the performance measurement to a series of small tasks, (2) select homogeneous DMUs and suggest an appropriate input/output selection, (3) detect a suitable model, (4) provide means for evaluating the effectiveness of the results, and (5) suggest a proper solution to improve the efficiency and productivity of entities (also called Decision Making Units, DMUs). We suggest a framework which involves six interrelated phases: (1) Concepts and objectives, (2) On structuring data, (3) Operational models, (4) a Performance comparison model, (5) Evaluation, and (6) Results and deployment. Taking the first letter of each phase, we obtain the COOPER-framework (in honour of and in agreement with one of the founders of DEA). Figure 1 systemizes the six phases.

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