One day DEA course, 6th July 2015

Performance Management with Data Envelopment Analysis

6th July 2015, OR Society, Birmingham, UK

This course is ideal for anyone interested in assessing the relative performance of organisational units – for example different regional offices, bank branches, sales outlets hospitals or schools.

You’ll get an introduction to the recent developments in DEA including weights restrictions, assessment under variables returns to scale and target setting and undertake illustrative assessments using advanced features of the Performance Improvement Management Software (PIM-DEA)

  • Learn about new methods in efficiency and productivity
  • Understand principles behind the non-parametric performance measurement
  • Get hands-on experience of the PIM-DEA software from the developers
  • See how to improve the efficiency and productivity of decision making
  • See how to apply DEA techniques to your own workplace

Course tutors: Ali Emrouznejad and Emmanuel Thanassoulis
Course date:  6th July 2015
Conference Venue: The OR Society, Birmingham, B1 2RX, UK
Deadline for registration: 25st June 2015
Further information:
Contact email:
Telephone:  +44 (0)121 233 9300
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