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EPRSC funded PhD Studentship for EU/UK National, Closing Deadline: 11 January 2019

EPRSC funded PhD Studentship at the Operations and Information Management (OIM) Department, of Aston Business School, Aston University in Birmingham;

£14777.00 tax-free bursary per annum for up to 3.5 years, plus tuition fees for 3 years, plus supplementary funding for trainings and conference attendance.

To be eligible for a full award you must be an EU/UK National. For an assessment of whether you would be eligible for a full or a partial award as an EU citizen, or if you are a refugee, migrant worker, or EEA national please read through the eligibility criteria on the following link.  .

This studentship will commence in April 2019.

Closing Deadline: 11 January 2019

Big Data and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

Big Data is a major source of change in today’s world. Organizations are constantly collecting data from various sources (e.g. loyalty cards, smart energy usage metres etc.), with the aim to use such data to improve their performance and create competitive advantage. DEA is a cutting-edge method for efficiency and productivity analysis, estimating maximum potential outcomes for given resource levels or minimum resource levels needed for given outcomes. You will join an internationally recognised faculty team for research in the theory and application in DEA and Econometrics.  You will explore how  Big Data can be exploited in the framework of DEA to improve organisational performance. Potential areas are the  use of machine learning techniques such as clustering and segmentation in order to find sets of homogeneous units for DEA analysis or dealing with non standard data such as integer, interval, ordinal, ratio, imprecise, fuzzy or  stochastic data in DEA modelling.

Required skills: We are seeking candidates with a minimum 2:1 (or equivalent) honours degree in an area consistent with the theme or themes they wish to be considered for. An MSc degree will be an advantage as additional preparation for their chosen theme.

For further information please contact Professor Ali Emrouznejad (

How to Apply
Please send to  a cover letter explaining how you meet the EPSRC eligibility conditions for this award,  attach a CV  and attach  a research proposal explaining for the research questions you would address, how you propose to address them and what contribution to knowledge you anticipate.

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