Data envelopment analysis: theory, methodology, and application … ByAbraham Charnes

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DEA books:

Data envelopment analysis: theory and techniques for economics and ...By Subhash C. Ray
Data envelopment analysis: a comprehensive text with models, applications ... By William Wager Coope...
Research methodology on data envelopment analysis (DEA) ... ByJibendu Kumar Mantri
Data envelopment analysis: the assessment of performance ... ByMichael Norman, Barry Stoker
Data envelopment analysis and performance management ... Edited By Ali Emrouznejad and Victor Podino...
Efficiency and Productivity Analysis in the 21st Century: International DEA Symposium 2002… Edited B...
Evaluation of research in efficiency and productivity: A thirty years survey of the scholarly litera...
An Introduction to data envelopment analysis: a tool for performance measurement ... By Ramu Ramanat...
Introduction to the theory and application of data envelopment analysis ... By Emmanuel Thanassoulis
Dynamics of data envelopment analysis: theory of systems efficiency ... By Jatikumar Sengupta
An introduction to efficiency and productivity analysis ... By Tim Coelli
Performance Management and Measurement with Data Envelopment Analysis, Edited by Emrouznejad, Osman ...

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