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1 – Introduction

There has been continuous and rapid growth in the field of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)-related studies since the original work of Charnes, Cooper, and Rhodes [Measuring the efficiency of decision-making units. European Journal of Operational Research 1978, 2(6): 429–44] (referred to CCR) [1]. This paper aims to provide full list of DEA publications since 1978. To the best of our knowledge, this listing of DEA-related articles is the most complete source of references on DEA theory and its applications in measuring the efficiency, productivity, or performance of decision-making units (DMUs). Authors hope that this new updated bibliography on DEA-related articles will be helpful to researchers and practitioners in this field when exploring the new frontiers in DEA in both theory and applications. Although we tried to include all articles, however, due to large number of publications it is not possible to guarantee a complete and accurate list with no omission of the data. Should readers happen to find any error(s) in this paper, please feel free to report them to the authors, see details at