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The Measurement of Firms’ Efficiency and Productivity, Spain, May, 2018

The Measurement of Firms’ Efficiency and Productivity

21th-25th May, 2018

Madrid, Spain

Benchmarking is becoming an increasingly popular tool to compare operations and performance across firms within an industry, between branches within a firm itself, or organizations. This course presents both the theory and the methods underlying the definition and measurement of economic efficiency and productivity, and its decomposition into its source components (profit change, efficiency change, technical change, returns to scale, etc.). Mathematical optimization as well as frontier econometric techniques are used to empirically calculate several performance and rankings indicators, which in turn are used to make suitable decisions aimed at improving the efficiency, productivity and profitability of firms.

The course is organized by the Oviedo Efficiency Group (University of Oviedo, UO) and the Department of Economic Analysis: Economic Theory and Economic History (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, UAM), which has been offering in last years a series of “Advanced Courses in Economic Analysis” that address key methodological issues of interest for researchers in economics.

The course is taught primarily in English, by a combination of local scholars from the UO and UAM as well as Subal Kumbhakar (State University of New York at Binghamton) and Alfons Oude Lansink (Wageningen University) as invited professors.

The course is oriented toward students that should have or be doing postgraduate studies in Economics or Business, or be involved in their PhD project in Economics or Business. Postdoctoral researchers, scholars, and professional economists working for private companies, sectorial regulators and economic consultancies are also welcome.

All the information regarding this specific course, as well as the selection criteria, the fees, grants and the application procedure can be found at ace.economics@uam.es

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