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5 – Limitations of the current study

Readers should use some level of caution in interpreting results of this survey as the findings are based on data collected only from journal papers, and articles published in books and proceedings. The results thus do not include all real-world DEA publications. In this regard, we have reviewed only academic/professional journal articles. Working/research papers, conference presentations (not published) and doctoral dissertations are excluded, as we assume that high-quality research would eventually be published in the very journals covered here.
Also, many foreign and/or newer journals might not have been included if they are not English language publications.
Finally, due to the often lengthy journal review process, some research reported in our survey may lag behind the actual adoption of recommendations.
While the bibliography was, to be sure, compiled from a wide variety of sources, in the end it represents the efforts of its authors and, consequently, no claim can be made as to its completeness. Any corrections, additions, and/or suggestions will be welcomed in order that the bibliography may be revised and redistributed in an ongoing complete and correct form.

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