4th Workshop on Efficiency in Education, Milan (Italy) October 20th and 21st, 2016

Organized by: Politecnico di Milano – Department of Management, Economics and
Industrial Engineering
Local Organizer: prof. Tommaso Agasisti
Joint Organizer: prof. Kristof De Witte, KU Leuven and Maastricht University

Call for papers
Improving the efficiency of public organizations is a major challenge in the context of public finance and economic development, where fiscal consolidation has become an essential characteristic of any reform. Budgetary reforms are today inspired by the ability to reward performance; and among them, the ability to transform inputs (human and financial resources) into outputs (public services of a given quality). While such emphasis is different between specific subsectors (i.e. health care, education, elderly services, unemployment services, country-level and local governments, public service utilities, etc.), shared characteristics make the discipline of studying public sector efficiency a common one: the necessity of defining the concepts of ‘technical’ and ‘allocative’ efficiency, the development of theoretical frameworks about the determinants of efficiency, the use of qualitative and quantitative techniques for estimating efficiency levels.
The purpose of the Workshop is to focus on specific challenges for the educational sector, bringing together scholars from various disciplines and fields, for debating together about the present and future challenges in the area of educational efficiency and performance measurement, and policy and managerial implications of the results obtained by ongoing research.
The Workshop is the fourth of a series of academic meetings focused on efficiency analysis in education, the previous ones being hosted in Greece (Thessaloniki), United Kingdom (London) and Belgium (Leuven) in 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. The 2016 Workshop explicitly aims at placing the discourse about the efficiency required in educational provision within the wider debate on public spending efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason, the Workshop welcomes theoretical, methodological and empirical papers that use qualitative and quantitative techniques for assessing the efficiency of organizations operating in various areas cognate to education.

Prospective participants can also propose not only single papers, but also entire sessions, that can share thematic interests or methodological communalities. In this case, please indicate the name of the Chair responsible for organising the session. Extended abstracts (max 3/4 pages) or full papers must be submitted by email to tommaso.agasisti@polimi.it by July 1st, 2016. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by July 15th, 2016.
Important Dates
July 1th:  Deadline for abstract submission
July 15th:  Notification of acceptance
October 1st:  Fee payment and registration and full paper submission
October 20th and 21st Workshop

Politecnico di Milano School of Management, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, via Lambruschini 4b, 20156 Milano (MI) – Italy.

The participation to the Workshop is subjected to the payment of a fee of € 150.00, which includes the cost of the conference dinner. The payment must be realized online through the Workshop’s website (www.efficiencyworkshop.polimi.it).

Prof. Tommaso Agasisti (tommaso.agasisti@polimi.it)
Eng. Mara Soncin (mara.soncin@polimi.it)

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